Top 10 Best FPS Games for Low End PC

The best fps games for low end pc is the only category for gamers to enjoy good fps games without having a pc with high-end graphic cards. The FPS (First Person Shooter) formula has actually risen to fantastic popularity over the last few years, with much of gaming’s flagship titles remaining in this category. Nevertheless, the newer games require a lot of high-end hardware, excluding lots of that desire to be part of the action.

For those with the most affordable end of equipment, there might not seem to be a great deal of selection when it involves FPS games. A lot of older video games can be had fun with ease on reduced end equipment, such as a laptop computer CPU with an iGPU and also 1GB of RAM. While it might be harder someone to go through each game and decide which one is the best, we have brought you with the top 10 best fps games for low-end pc that you should try once. So, with that say, let’s jump straight to main section.

Top 10 Best FPS Games for Low End PC at a Glance

  • Call of Duty (Upto Modern Warfare)
  • Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
  • Project IGI 1 & 2
  • Battlefield 2
  • Far Cry 2
  • Half Life 1 & 2
  • Crysis
  • Portal 1 & 2
  • Doom 3
  • The Darkness 2

Call of Duty (Upto Modern Warfare)

best fps games for low end pc

Every one of the older Call of Duty games until Modern Warfare run relatively well on older systems. Modern War 2 is additionally a safe bet, as it runs on the exact same game engine as MW. Post these games, the franchise relocated to a more recent engine which has high system requirements.

CoD games usable on low-end makers include CoD 1, 2 and also 3, along with Modern Warfare 1 and also 2. The initial trilogy is embeded in a World War 2 era, and also includes strong shooting mechanics with a linear story. Online areas for these video games are mostly extinct, but they provide 10-15 hrs of playable time each, making them a beneficial download.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

best fps games for low end pc

As the name recommends, this first-person shooter video game occurs throughout the Pacific War. The video game was released way back in 2004 and also will make you take several training examinations in the beginning.

The goals in this video game are tough but the great storyline will make you persevere till the end.

Project IGI 1 & 2

best fps games for low end pc

Project I’m Going In, typically reduced to Project IGI, is just one of the very first FPS video games to reach essential success owing to its critical gameplay. The player takes on the function of a stealth special forces operative who needs to penetrate a variety of opponent camps without elevating the alarm.

The video game includes many mechanics that make it possible for a smooth method of passing on gamer agency, such as sound discovery by the ingame AI and also a range of techniques to approach each opponent camp. The game does not focus much on fight, but the gunplay is still really feels strong as well as fleshed out. A must-play for any stealth follower.

Battlefield 2

best fps games for low end pc

This army simulator video game will certainly make certain that you get a realistic gaming experience. There are 16 AI-controlled gamers in the single-player mode and also approximately 64 gamers in the multiplayer mode.

You can play the game as a member of the USA Marine Corps, the People’s Liberation Army or the Center Eastern Coalition. Battlefield 2 has tactical shooter elements, so you will have to make sure that you utilize proper approaches to move forward in the video game.

Far Cry 2

best fps games for low end pc

Despite the fact that Far Cry needs much less from a computer system to run, it is not as completely expanded a game as Far Cry 2. The game is set in Africa, and supplies an open-world, explorable setting with an initial individual perspective. The tale follows the ventures of the gamer in a Main African nation undertaking a civil battle.

Aside from an in-depth story, the game likewise has fantastic visuals for its time. It has matured relatively well, which is likewise partially due to its appealing adversary AI, which responds to stealth and diversions. The game has a significant arsenal of weapons and urges the gamer to play it in their very own way.

Half Life 1 & 2

best fps games for low end pc

Half Life is just one of the critical games of the very early ’00s, incorporating groundbreaking storytelling with strong gameplay. The player handles the function of a mute scientist called Gordon Freeman, as well as is charged with securing the planet from a cross-dimensional alien intrusion.

It includes a straight story with a range of tools, including newer ideas such as a gun that manages gravity. The 2nd game expands upon the property and also range of the initial, along with even more character growth, story and weapons. The lore makes certain to engage the gamer, and also skilfully built levels and also storyline will certainly hook the player right into a multi-hour experience with ease.


best fps games for low end pc

The renowned computer-breaking game from the late 2000s is now tame enough to be played on a low-end PC. This game was commonly considered to be one of the most tough game to run, as well as completely factor. The game itself, apart from having lots of eye sweet, is just one of the better games in the Crysis series.

Players are charged with taking on against North Oriental insurgents, along with a team of aliens referred to as the Ceph. The major technician of the video game is the ‘nanosuit’ that the player character puts on, which can shift between strength, speed, defense as well as cloaking settings to permit an open-ended design of play. the game includes several of the most effective capturing in a game till day.

Portal 1 & 2

best fps games for low end pc

A game made by the very same team behind Half Life, Portal is one of the most effective challenge video games made by the team. While the 2nd video game does require a slightly higher-end PC (however not by much), the first one supplies a fun romp via different levels solving problems.

As the name suggests, the video game entails utilizing websites to fix problems. The player personality is provided a portal weapon to have fun with, and the physics in the video game permit novel approaches of resolving issues. Energy can be carried forward between 2 websites as well as utilized to jump a large gap.

Doom 3

best fps games for low end pc

Unlike the previous Doom entries, Doom 3 concentrates totally on action horror, as well as whether it takes care of to scare the hell out of you, or not. A lot of players disliked this game since it did not feel like the original classic Doom games.

Doom 3 is the very first reboot of the Doom collection, and according to Doom RPG, it’s an innovator to the very first video game. The tale happens on Mars in 2145 where scientists are performing clinical, organic looks into and also advanced weapons layout. These looks into, however, bring about opening an entrance to Heck, resulting in a devastating invasion of the Mars base by demons.

Gameplay-wise, the title is similar to a lot of id Software program games. Among them is Quake 4. There are a range of weapons to pick from, and also great deals of satanic forces to kill. Additionally, the game introduces puzzle-solving which isn’t readily available in previous games. Doom 3 is most definitely an innovative video game if you’re looking for a scary video game, and is just one of the most effective FPS ready low-end pc.

The Darkness II

best fps games for low end pc

The Darkness 2 is one of my much-loved first-person shooters ever made. It hurts to see that the game is never getting a follow up primarily because of the inadequate sales, as well as what occurred to the comic it’s based upon.

You play Jackie Estacado who must save his sweetheart which is trapped by the Darkness in the midsts of Heck. His objective won’t be simple as he will need to face the Brotherhood, a group of armed cultists trying to take the powers of the Darkness far from Jackie.

While the Darkness II has the exact same auto mechanics as any other first-person shooter, it takes care of to include aspects discovered in role-playing video games such as ability trees and also experience which makes it possible for Jackie to upgrade his stats. If you ever plan to play this game, stay away from the light due to the fact that it’s Jackie’s most dangerous weakness.

The Darkness II runs fantastic on low-end computers, along with, laptops. An Intel HD 4000 combined with a core 2 duo can running this title halfway decent, yet not completely. You can get this game via Heavy steam.


So, this was our listing of best fps games for low end pc. All the games noted above can be quickly played on reduced end pc without a dedicated graphic card. Nonetheless, having one can conveniently enhance the gaming experience on these video games. We hope you liked this overview. Do not fail to remember to comment below your favorite games with us. Happy Gaming!


Md Umar Khan is a gaming freak who loves to play FPS games. In the meantime, he loves to express his views by writing gaming articles.

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