The 15 Best Metroidvania Games on PS4

The list of the best Metroidvania games PS4 will undoubtedly take you via some most popular Metroidvania video games that are available on PS4 to play. Metroidvania is the subgenre of the Action-Adventure style of video games utilized by the technicians as well as design that resemble Metroid and Castlevania computer game series. The term drivers from the title of Castlevania, which is thought to consist of certain facets of gameplay contrasted to Metroid computer game collection.

There’s a wealth of various types of Metroidvania games available, with significantly multiple settings, designs, and personalities, but they all have multiple things like. Namely, their vast, interconnected maps, the demand to discover, and an upgrade system enable you to enhance your personality as you proceed.

If you like games with interconnected maps that promote Expedition, as well as plenty of platforming and also light RPG components, right here’s our listing of The 15 Best Metroidvania Gamings on PS4 that you can play in 2021. So, let’s jump straight to our main section.

The 15 Best Metroidvania Games PS4 at a Glance

  • Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Duplicates
  • Strider
  • SteamWorld Dig
  • Hollow Knight
  • SteamWorld Dig 2
  • Shadow Complex Remastered
  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Champion Version
  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
  • Hob
  • Toy Odyssey: The Lost as well as Discovered
  • Axiom Verge
  • Sundered: Eldritch Version
  • Song of the Deep
  • Salt and Sanctuary
  • Mystik Belle

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Duplicates

best metroidvania games ps4

Stealth Inc 2: A Video game of Duplicates is a System, Stealth-based, Multiplayer as well as single-player video game established by Curve Studios and also published by Contour Digital. The video game functions as the sequel to Stealth Bastard Deluxe, introducing numerous technicians, including puzzle areas. The tale revolves around the duplicate, who gets away from the examination center and also uncovers the factor behind the clones’ presence.

According to the story, the video game focuses on goggles-wearing clones, where the player controls several clones. The play deals with various devices for solving the complicated problem, unlike the previous title, which had googles.

The video game is played from a side-scroll perspective as well as the player can engage in a platform gameplay experience. Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Duplicates consists of core attributes such as Linear Gameplay, Metroidvania Design, Hi-tech Gizmos, 60FPS Cut Scenes, and a lot more. Examine it out, and have a good time.


best metroidvania games ps4

Launched soon after the launch of the PS4, Strider isn’t the best looking Metroidvania available on the style. Many thanks to its high-octane activity, it still stands out.

Taking control of Strider Hiryu is a pleasure, making exploring the advanced Kazakh City an outright reward. Customarily, you’ll find on your own defeating opponents and acquiring upgrades that allow you to explore new locations. Strider doesn’t actually do anything to advance the style, yet then it doesn’t truly need to.

It’s not the largest of games, as well, as the manager problem can be a bit irregular. However, if you’re after a fun Metroidvania that teems with hectic action, you can not fail with Strider, although it’s currently quite old.

SteamWorld Dig

best metroidvania games ps4

SteamWorld Dig is an Action-Adventure, Platform, as well as a Single-player Mining computer game with Metroidvania, established as well as published by Image and Kind. The video game cast you in the protagonist’s function called Rusty, a single mining steam-bot who reaches an old town. It takes place in the below-ground setting, and your task is to dig the old earth, search belongings while discovering the danger.

Steampunk and also Western themes inspire the video game, and also the game presents a below-ground globe full of horrors, treasure, and even secrets. Control the character and begin browsing the environment from the side-scroll view, prevent obstacles, let loose power-ups, and discover prizes to progress through the game. Utilize your factors to unlock additional material in the video game and become the master.

Hollow Knight

best metroidvania games ps4

Providing you with a giant globe and little instructions, Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania for you to get shed in indeed.

There’s little in the way of the story; Hollow Knight is extra concerning environment than narrative. Like Dark Souls or Bloodborne, you’ll experience few friendly characters on your adventure, but it merely makes those meetings a lot more meaningful. Adversaries, nonetheless, are plentiful.

Hollow Knight’s combat might appear instead necessary. As you collect Beauties and equip them in your restricted choice of available slots, however, you’ll find a good deal of depth. Before you recognize it, you’ll be personalizing your complete Appeals, often better to manage pesky managers as well as difficult enemies.

If you like your Metroidvania experiences to hold your hand a little, you may dislike Hollow Knight after a while. However, if you like being provided the freedom to discover, you’ll be definitely enthralled by it.

SteamWorld Dig 2

best metroidvania games ps4

SteamWorld Dig 2 is an Action-Adventure, Side-scroll, and System video game established and published by Photo & Type. The video game has a Single-player setting and serves as the fourth title in the collection of SteamWorld, and also it is the direct follow up to SteamWorld Dig, launched in 2013. Like it, previous titles, the video game concentrates on the mining component as well as puts the player in the duty of the protagonist called as Dorothy, a steam-driven robot, appeared in the world as an ally.

The player utilizes the pickaxe to produce a path via an underground atmosphere by mining dices of land away. Throughout the mining, the player must fight against enemy animals that come on his means to gain factors. As contrasted to previous video games, SteamWorld Dig 2 presents deep platform elements as well as a Metroidvania-style world.

It has a collection of levels, and each degree has problems to finish. The gamer checks out the globe from a side-scroll perspective, and also, he can run and again leap his way through degrees to proceed via the game. With enhanced mechanics, addicting gameplay, and too smooth controls, SteamWorld Dig 2 is the best video game to play.

Shadow Complex Remastered

best metroidvania games ps4

Initially launched on Xbox 360 back in 2009, Shadow Complicated has been remastered for an entire host of styles consisting of the PS4.

Embed in a below-ground complex; Shadow Complex Remastered is one-of-a-kind in that your enemies can occupy the 3D room. While you can only proceed with a two-dimensional airplane, the game’s 2.5 D presentation implies that enemies can stroll in and out of the screen. Fortunately, you can still fire them with the video game’s auto-aim attribute.

Matching you versus an underhanded organization that intends to release strikes across the United States, Shadow Complex Remastered is a gripping Metroidvania that will undoubtedly maintain you hooked until the credit scores roll. You can take on the video game’s difficulty levels if you desire.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Champion Version

best metroidvania games ps4

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is an Action-Adventure, Platform, Side-scroll, Multiplayer, and single-player computer game developed as well as released by DrinkBox Studios. The video game offers a fantastic tale, in which Carlos Calaca has abducted the precious daughter of the EI President and make a strategy to compromise her to combine the living world with the land of the dead.

It mixes the Metroidvania-style Action, Platform, and Side-scroll elements as well as happens in the magical world packed with beasts and other unusual creatures. The game mainly concentrates on melee-combat and also lets the gamer pick up his character from existing and jump into the globe to battle against enemies. The gamer’s primary job is to explore the land from a side-scroll, eliminate enemies, deal with employer fights, and rescue the little girl of the EI President in the parallel measurements.

As the gamer advances through the event, brand-new functions, settings, and also added abilities would undoubtedly be unlocked. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Champion Version consists of prominent attributes such as Countless Battling Activity, Multi-dimensional Platform Gameplay, Unique Battle Moves, Thorough Globe, New Costumes, and extra.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

best metroidvania games ps4

While Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is technically the fourth video game in WayForward’s Shantae series, you do not need to have actually played any of its precursors to appreciate its story.

Reintroducing us to Shantae’s world, the Kickstarted Half-Genie Hero treats us to one of the superb visuals seen in the series yet. The gameplay is carefully refined. You’ll be doing a lot of platforming; however, you’ll also be whipping enemies with your hair and taking care of powerful managers.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero’s Metroidvania aspects can be found in the type of several animals that you’re able to change into. As you play via the game, you’ll slowly open four alternative varieties, such as the Ape, which allow you to access brand-new locations.

While you can buy the standard version of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, there’s likewise an ultimate edition that includes all of the video game’s DLC and some additionals. If you want the full experience, it’s definitely worth selecting up.


best metroidvania games ps4

Hob is an Action-Adventure, Open Globe, Isometric, and Single-player video clip game developed and published by Runic Games for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. The game mixes the Puzzle-Platform, Expedition, and also Metroidvania elements and supplies stunning gameplay.

You have to discover the ruins from an isometric viewpoint, befriend spirits, and fight against rogue creatures that attack the termination. It has different degrees and also each with a collection of goals that you have to finish regardless. Open new areas, reveal the mysteries by resolving the challenges, and bring back the planet’s tranquility.

You can freely move around the world, communicate with landscapes and strange creatures in progress. Earn points and also improve your capabilities and even skills. Hob includes noticeable features such as Wordless Stories, Transform the Land, Face the World, Journeys, and too much more.

Toy Odyssey: The Lost as well as Discovered

best metroidvania games ps4

Toy Odyssey: The Lost, as well as Found, is not only a Metroidvania, but it likewise has Roguelike aspects too.

Positioning you in the shoes of a toy called Brand name, your objective is to conserve your unaware owner from a lousy existence that has actually apparently taken over the house. Obviously, you can’t deal with your tasks during the day, though; you may be seen. Instead, you wait till night time to take care of business.

Get lowered while you operate, as well as the night will merely end, requiring you to reattempt your heroics the next day. The following time you go checking out the home points will undoubtedly be somewhat different. Why? As a result of procedural generation.

To do well at Toy Odyssey, you’ll need to hone your abilities while getting and also upgrading equipment. You’ll be having a lot of fun that it won’t posture a problem, though, despite the existence of some small technical issues.

Axiom Verge

best metroidvania games ps4

Axiom Verge is an enjoyable Indie Action-Adventure as well as a 2D System computer game by Thomas Hepp Gamings. The game provides a Side-Scrolling sight and allows the gamers to take pleasure in a beautiful Metroidvania feeling. With a dazzling backstory, Axiom Verge permits the players to manage the personality of Trace, a Scientist that after getting injured, and also a blackout, stands up in an unfamiliar State-of-the-art Ancient World.

Axiom Verge concentrates on Hardcore Metroidvania Activity and Expedition and jobs the players to go across with an entirely brand-new globe where numerous concerns are hiding in the dark shadows. The game lets you have weapons that you can use to get over the enemies and enjoy upgrading your equipment and also stuff with all the offered power-ups (over 60 various products).

With an absorbing as well as addicting gameplay, lovely 2D graphics, fantastic technicians, and a real feeling of a remarkable journey, Axiom Verge deal components obtained from the greatest Metroidvania video games such as Gun Master, Converse, Bionic Task Force, and Metroid. For an exceptional Action-Adventure and a System pc gaming experience, try it out.

Sundered: Eldritch Version

best metroidvania games ps4

As you check out an unusual globe inspired by the jobs of H.P. Lovecraft, you’ll run into crowds of adversaries that you’ll have to conquer if you want to seek an end to your adventure. If you pass away, you’ll respawn back at a hub, your next journey a little different from the last because of some aspects of the globe being procedurally produced.

Essentially an upgraded version of the original game, Sundered: Eldritch Edition now additionally features neighborhood co-op for approximately four gamers, as well as extra material and a wide range of various other renovations. There, there’s never ever been a much better time to play it.

For PS4 proprietors seeking a rather dark and challenging Metroidvania experience, Sundered: Eldritch Edition really is an essential.

Song of the Deep

best metroidvania games ps4

Song of the Deep, developed by Insomniac Gamings and published by GameTrust Gamings, is a Metroidvania and Single-player computer game for multiple platforms. It features a magnificent tale, focusing on a young girl that set out herself on an epic experience to discover her dad, who disappeared while angling.

The player takes on the female lead character’s function named Merryn, which crafts a submarine to locate her papa. The player discovers the setting from a side-scroll point of view to browse the sea. During the gameplay, they require to find the unique enhancements, overcome barriers, and develop with the game to unlock added degrees.

The environment takes place in the non-linear underwater globe attacked by ruthless animals. With an exciting story, excellent gameplay, and smooth controls, Song of the Deep is the best video game.

Salt and Sanctuary

best metroidvania games ps4

Frequently called a 2D Dark Souls, Salt and Sanctuary are a tough Metroidvania that’s also incredibly bleak.

Searching for on your own depleted in a weird area after your ship is wrecked, Salt and Sanctuary require you to venture into the unknown. You’ll probably intend to do so tentatively, though, as you never recognize creeps around the corner.

Like the Dark Spirits series, Salt and Sanctuary’s employers are challenging as well as often legendary in range. Also, if you pass away, you drop any kind of Salt you’re boring, a commodity that can be used to level yourself up at Sanctuaries spread out across the game’s globe.

It can be a little vague sometimes. Its hostility may delay some gamers; however, if you can swallow it, Salt and Sanctuary are just one of the very best Metroidvanias offered on PS4.

Mystik Belle

best metroidvania games ps4

Mystik Belle is a 2D Activity Role-playing, Side-scroll, and Metroidvania computer game produced and released by the Last Dimension. The game happens in a stunning setting and presents pixel graphics. You handle the lead character’s duty, who is a pupil of mystical arts.

The tale revolves around the lead character, who has few close friends; the educators and the school personnel are such means. Smoke in Dragonland, SlightlyMagic as well as the Lightheaded series influence the game. The video game mainly focuses on journey and also point-and-click aspects. The player can handle the female protagonist’s function and can adjust the globe from a side-scroll perspective. There are various degrees readily available with raising trouble, as well, as the gamer needs to face up to 10 tough manager fights to proceed in the story.

During the game, the gamer can interact with non-player characters, resolve stock problems, and rate factors by defeating adversaries like other adventure games. With exceptional mechanics, addicting gameplay, and excellent controls, Mystik Belle is the best video game to play and delight in.


So, here comes to the end of our list of the top 15 best Metroidvania games for PS4. All the games listed above offer a great gaming experience and are one of the top-notch Metroidvania games currently available on the PlayStation 4. So, don’t forget to try them out and let us know in our comment section whether you like it or not.


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